Yer Dead Productions, Halifax's newest film production company, would like to announce that it has
just completed principal photography on their first feature film - Hobo with a Shotgun. The film stars Rutger Hauer, Gregory Smith, Molly Dunsworth & Brian Downey.

We are now in the dark depths of the edit cave but don't worry - there will be no hibernating -
we are going to get this film to you as soon as possible.

It has been a long slog to from the original Hobo trailer to realizing a feature film, but it will be worth the wait.
Huge thanx go out to the amazing crew that bled their hearts out to make this film possible, as well as the brave production houses - William F. Whites, Sim Video, Digiboyz - Our financiers - Film Nova Scotia, Alliance & Telefilm Canada as well AS our amazing producing partners Rhombus Media & Whizbang Films.

Check out the web site for a ton of cool pics, art & video blogs which we will constantly updating - and the facebook group.

On the Treevenge front...

The Treevenge film continues to play around the globe, soon the world will fear xmas trees as much as we do.
check out the facebook site for more info.




Treevenge details the experiences and horrifying reality of the lives of Christmas trees. Clearly, for trees, Christmas isnt the exciting peace on earth that is experienced by most. After being hacked down, and shipped away from their homes, they quickly become strung up, screwed into an upright position for all to see, exposed in a humiliation of garish decorations. But this Christmas will be different, this Christmas the trees have had enough, this Christmas the trees will fight back. Treevenge could be a short film about the end of days for Christmas trees, or perhaps, the end of humanity?




On the streets there is only one law, and he is going to deliver justice one shell at a time."

Trailer by Jason Eisener, Rob Cotterill, and John Davies was submitted for Robert Rodriguez's SXSW Grindhouse Trailers contest.


Pink Velvet Burlesque

Pink Velvet Burlesque

This is a promo video we created for the Pink Velvet Halloween Burlesque show.

Watch the video